PO Dashboard Fields

The following table provides descriptions for the fields shown on the Purchase Order Dashboard.

Table 1. PO Dashboard
Field Descriptions
Record TypeThe record type can be filtered on the left hand side of the header menu by:
  • Processed Purchase Orders
  • PO Requisitions and Reserved PO's
  • Pending Purchase Orders
    Note: Select Pending Purchase Orders to see all Purchase Orders and their status created through Pending PO that you submitted or that you are on the approval workflow for.
  • Material Orders
Item typeFilters PO's by Job, Inventory, Expense, Equipment, Work Order, and SM Work Order type.
New ItemDisplays the following list of options determined by your permissions:
  • New Purchase Order
  • Quick Create PO
  • New PO Requisition
  • New SM Purchase Order
  • New Pending PO
Export to ExcelCreates an Excel file of the Purchase Orders currently in View.
PO Details Select the vertical ellipsis to access the following options:
  • View Item Detail: Cost details imported from vista, and additional Header and Item notes.
  • Print (PDF)
  • Print (DOC)
  • Attachments: displays only if the PO has attachments.