Submit a Pending Purchase Order

Use the steps below to submit a Pending PO in the portal.

  1. Select Field Tools or Financial Controls > Purchasing > New Pending PO.
    • You can also start this process from the PO Dashboard by selecting +New and selecting New Pending PO.
  2. Enter the Company, Order Date (defaults to today’s date), the Expected Date (date you wish to receive), and the description of the purchase order.
  3. Enter the Vendor for the Purchase Order. The Vendor drop-down populates with the top 10 vendors used on processed POs. If your vendor is not in the drop-down, you can select the globe icon to search your company’s AP Vendor.
  4. If the entire PO will charged to a Job, enter the Job in the header. If you plan to have line items not to a Job in this PO you can leave the Job field in the header blank
  5. Select Save Header.
  6. To select your Line Types to add, select the green drop-down. Each line type will have required fields in red. At the bottom, or to the far right (depending on your screen size) you will be able to Edit Notes, Copy Item to a new line type, Delete your line, or Adjust Cost from the default on file for the selected material.
  7. When you are finished with your line items, scroll up to the header and select Save. You can preview who your PO will go to for approval, or the approval history by selecting View Workflow.
  8. When you are finished, select Submit for Approval. This sends the PO out for approval. You can check the status of the PO on the PO Dashboard > Pending Purchase Orders.
    • Email notifications for PO Pending come from Vista Workflow. If the Pending PO is not submitted, only the creator can see it in the Pending Purchase Orders page.
  9. When your PO has been Approved, the PO will be auto-processed and created.
    Note: If you do not want Pending POs to be auto-processed, enable portal setting Restrict Pending PO Processing to PO Admins to prevent auto-processing by non-admins.