Submit a PO Requisition

A PO requisition allows you to submit the needs of your Job Site to your Purchasing Agent who will create the PO for you.

Note: PO requisitions created in the portal are not saved to Vista until they are submitted and turned into purchase orders.
  1. Select Field Tools or Financial Controls > Purchasing > New PO Requisition.
    • You can also create a new PO Requisition from the PO Dashboard by selecting +New and selecting New PO Requisition.
  2. Enter and modify the fields in the header and then select Save Header. You will not be able to save the header until you enter information in the Description field.
  3. To select your line types, select the green drop-down. Required line type fields display in red.
  4. Select the More menu to Delete your line, Adjust Costs from the default on file for the selected material, Edit Notes, Edit Address (shipping information), add Attachments, or Copy Item to a new line type.
  5. When you are finished with your line items, scroll up to the header and select Save. You will see your PO Requisition in Purchasing > PO Dashboard > PO Requisitions & Reserved PO's until it is a PO, then you can find it under PO Dashboard > Processed Purchase Orders