Batch Timecard Move

Batch Timecard Move allows you to move time from a portal batch to a new or existing Vista batch in the same pay period and group.

Users added to the user group Timecard Move or Timecard Admins have access to Batch Timecard Move. For more information on Admin Roles, see Admin Role Descriptions.

Follow the steps below to transfer lines.

  1. Select the Payroll Company and Pay Period that you are transferring time from.
  2. Select the Employee Group for the time you are transfering in this batch.
  3. The Selected Employees dropdown will fill with only the employees who have time in this batch. You can choose to select all or select/unselect specific employees. You must make a selection before moving to Step 2: Select EarnCode(s).
  4. The Selected EarnCodes dropdown allows you to filter to timecard lines that were entered on the selected Earn Codes. You must make a selection from this dropdown before moving to Step 3: Select Job(s).
  5. In the Selected Jobs dropdown you can filter to only timecard lines entered on specific jobs. If you don’t need to filter out for a specific job select All Jobs. If you only want timecard lines that do not have Job Lines, select Lines with No Job. You must make a selection from this dropdown before moving to Step 4: Status.
  6. In the Status dropdown you can choose to include Approved Timecard Lines, Approved Job Lines, Submitted Timecard Lines, and Unsubmitted Timecard Lines.
  7. After you have filtered out your batch to get the timecard lines you want, select Pay Sequence (if not already defaulted). To select the pay sequence that the lines are already coded to, check Use Current Pay Sequence.
    Note: You will need to make a selection in each of the previous steps for any lines to populate on step 4. You will see a note of how many lines, hours, and employees are included in the time you are moving.
  8. Select the Post Date to filter by in this batch.
  9. Select Process Transfer to complete.

    Batch Timecard Move runs as a background job. If multiple users initiate Batch Timecard Move concurrently, the background jobs are run in order. Users will receive an email when the background job that they initiated has completed.

    Tip: If you want the portal to create a new batch to move the time to, enable portal setting Batch Timecard Move. The portal will create a new timecard batch and move the time to it (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Batch Creation).
    Important: Batch Timecard Move does not move attachments on Standard Timecards.