Enter Clock-In Clock-Out Time on a Grid Timecard

If you have Time Worked enabled for your Grid Timecard, you can record the start and stop times for your crew.

  1. Add employees to the timecard.
  2. Select the orange clock icon at the top of your grid.

    This opens the Group Clock In/Out window.

  3. Select each employee to clock in or out for a specific date or time. The Date and Time fields default to today’s date and time. You will be able to see the last time the user was clocked in or out next to the employee’s name.
  4. You can use options available in the grid to do the following:
    • View an employee's clock summary and timecard lines: Use the Employee filter to select a specific employee whose clock summary and timecard lines you want to review.
    • Create timecard lines from clock entries: If you want to create timecard lines from employee clock entries, select Actions > Create From Timeclock. A new window opens where you can either select a Crew or add the Employees whose clock entries you want to use to create timecard lines. After you have made your selections, select Create.
    Note: The Grid Timecard displays the new timecard line for the selected crew or employee(s).

    HR Management Grid Timecards only allow saving time for one employee.