How to Allow Users Entered on a Grid Timecard by Another User to be able to Sign their Own Card

If you have users enter time on behalf of other users on a Grid Timecard, those entered will not be able to see the lines entered even if they have permission to the Grid Timecard. The following is a work around that allows users who were entered on a card to be able to see and submit their own time without having to assign this permission individually on the Approval Permissions page.

You must be a System or Security Admin in the portal to complete these steps.
  1. In Vista either create a new employee in PR Employees or take an already inactive employee and temporarily make them active. This will allow us to access this user, temporarily, in the portal. We will refer to this user as the INACTIVE EMPLOYEE.
  2. Select Admin > Employee Groups and create an employee group with only the INACTIVE EMPLOYEE assigned.
  3. Create another employee group with all the users you want to be able to sign their own card. We will refer to this group as THOSE WHO SIGN.
  4. Select Admin > Approval Permissions and assign the THOSE WHO SIGN employee group the Can Enter Timecard(s) For permission for the INACTIVE EMPLOYEE group.
  5. In Vista, make the new /inactive employee inactive.
  6. Assign all users in the THOSE WHO SIGN group permission to the Grid Timecard in User Access (Admin > User Access > Time Entry).
    Note: Assigning the HR Grid Timecard is part of HR Management and FM Grid Timecard is part of Field Management.
    Because THOSE WHO SIGN have the Can Enter Timecard(s) permission they have access to the Timecard Approval page (Approval > Timecard Approval), and by default they can see their own timecards. But because they don't have permission to enter time for any active employees, they cannot see any other employee.