Why isn't my Auto Batch Creation Working?

Use the infomration below to troubleshoot Auto Batch Creation.

There may be a few factors as to why your Auto Batch Creation isn't working the way you would like it to. Take a moment to run through this checklist:

  • Is the portal setting enabled? To turn on this setting, go to Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard.
  • When is your batch creation offset date, and did you have a pay period open at that time?
    • The portal can't open a batch unless there is an open pay period, so if your batch creation is set to "-" (aka the day before the first day of your pay period) and you didn't create the pay period until the first day of the pay period the portal would not be able to open the batch.
    • The Batch Creation offset setting is located in Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard.
      • Check your PR Pay Period Labor Hours In Vista, go to Payroll Programs PR Pay Period Control and check the Standard Hours. If this is a zero, your portal will ignore this pay period.

      • The batch was opened but closed.
        • In Vista, open PR Timecard Entry to view the Batch Selection screen. Choose Use an existing batch, check Show Canceled Batches (in some environments 'Include all unposted batches') and uncheck Show my batches only. Confirm there is no batch opened for 12:00AM on the PR Pay Period start date for that pay period. If there is, and it is listed as "canceled," the batch opened successfully.If after a batch was opened successfully, a user opens that batch in Vista and then closes the window without entering a line of time, Vista will automatically cancel that batch.

          In the example below, the batch for PR Group 2 10/20/15 was opened successfully, but was canceled by a user opening the batch and exiting it without entering any lines.

        • Check the SQL Job. If neither of the previous items in this list seem to be the source, you may need to double check that the SQL Job is turned on. Go to your SQL Server where the Keystyle Database is. Under SQL Server Agent, in the Jobs Folder, you should see a job titled KDS-HRIM_CreatePortal Batches.

          • You may also want to check the Adjust the Schedule of a SQL Job to ensure it is running on all of the days you need it to (i.e. if your pay period starts on weekends, you want this to run on weekends). This article walks you through changing the schedule on a SQL job.
        • Still Not Working? If you still can't get the Auto Batch Creation to work, create a case in the Viewpoint Customer Portal under Viewpoint HR Management for additional assistance.