Grid Timecard User Guide

The grid timecard allows you to enter your time on a grid. This is often used to enter multiple employees but can also be used for individual entry.

  1. If you only have permission to enter time for yourself, navigate to Employee Tools > Grid Timecard. If you have permission to enter time for others, navigate to Field Tools > Grid Timecard.
  2. Select a pay period from the Pay Period Ending drop-down.
    If you have permission to enter for multiple payroll groups, you will see pay periods for your payroll group as well as those other payroll groups.
  3. If you have multiple templates, you can select the correct template from the Template drop-down.
  4. If crews are enabled, a Crew drop-down displays. Select a Crew to filter the grid to only show employees within that specific crew.
  5. The Employee drop-down enables you to filter the timecard even further by selecting individual employee(s) to display in the grid.
    You can select employee names one by one or choose Select All, depending on which employees from the list you want to view in the grid timecard.
  6. If a Type drop-down displays, you can filter your timecard by line type. This limits the fields on your card to only fields assigned to that type. Choose from the following line types:
    • J - Job
    • M - Mechanic
    • S - SM Work Order
  7. To clone time that was entered in a previous grid timecard, select Actions > Clone. The Clone Grid Timecard pop-up displays, allowing you to select one of the following options:
    • Clone Entire Timecard: Allows you to clone all time that was entered in a previous pay period. This option is best for a weekly grid timecard.
    • Clone a Specific Day: Allows you to clone time from a specific date or days in a pay period. This option is best for a daily grid timecard (meaning you have a template for each day in your pay period). Select the Template you want to clone from, and then select the Clone From date.
      Note: If you have not yet entered time on the template you are trying to clone from, there will be nothing in the Clone From drop-down.
    • Clone by Employee(s): Allows you to select the employees to add to your timecard. The employees do not have to have been on your previous timecard, as long as you have permission to enter for them. If you do not have permission to clone for other employees, this field is limited to just you.
  8. To enter new lines select the +Row button, enter all pertinent fields, and select Save.
    Note: If you do not have access to enter time for others, the Employee field will only allow you to enter for yourself. If you do not have access to enter time for others but should, please contact your Administrator.
  9. To enter new lines for multiple employees, select + Row > Bulk Add. The Add Lines for Multiple Employees window displays. When you have completed each field in the window, select Add Line(s) and the new timecard lines will be displayed on the Grid Timecard.
    • If you add time to an existing job/phase and day combination, it will add the lines on top, and when saved it will override the hours with the bulk add entry (not add).
    • If you add time to a job/phase combination on a different day, it will add the lines on top, and when saved consolidate them into the same line.
    • If new line behavior is set to default and the shift is filled in, the line will default to that shift. If shift is left blank, it will default to 1.
    • If you add a duplicate line (all fields in the row are exactly the same), the new line replaces the old line, removing the old line from the timecard. You will no longer receive an error message when adding duplicate timecard lines.
  10. To copy a line on your grid timecard to another employee, select the Copy button on the far right of your grid (you may need to scroll to see this button). A pop-up window opens where you can select the employees to copy the selected line to.
    Note: In order to copy lines to an employee, you must have permission to enter time for that employee. In addition, the Copy button displays only if you have been given access to the FM Grid Timecard.
    1. If Crew Management is enabled for your card, you will see the Add Crew drop-down when you select Copy. First, add a row to the grid in order to see the Copy button. Then select a crew in the pop-up window. This copies your line to all employees assigned to your crew. Crews available in this drop-down are based on assignments made by your System or Security Admin.
    2. Select Use employee's default Earncode when copying lines for one or more employees on the grid timecard. The copied lines will populate fields with the employee's default information on a Crew Copy or Line Copy. This applies to any field on the grid timecard.
  11. To remove a line from the grid timecard, select the x Delete button at the end of your timecard line (you may need to scroll to see the button).
  12. If you are entering time for multiple employees and want to review one employee’s lines, use the Employee filter at the top of your grid to select that employee. The grid refreshes to show only the lines entered for that employee.
  13. To send timecard lines for approval, you must submit time. Once a timecard is submitted, you can no longer edit those timecard lines, unless the card is rejected or unsubmitted.
    • To submit time for all employees on your card, select Actions > Submit All.
    • If a signature is required for each employee, you will need to filter your card by the employee, then select Action > Submit. This will bring a Timecard Submission pop-up for the employee to review, sign, and select Submit.
    • If your card is not filled out properly, you will receive an error.
    Note: Your Timecard Admin may choose to lock your card before you have submitted it in order to process time.
After your card is processed, it is no longer accessible from the grid timecard.

To view a video on grid timecard entry, see Submit a Grid Timecard - Video.