Manage Crews

Use the Manage Crews page to create and modify crews. Crews can only be added to Field Tickets and FM Grid Timecards.

Timecard Admins will have access to all crews. Allow other users to add and edit crews via the portal setting User Group with Access to Manage Crews. To allow those users access to all crews on the manage Crews page, enable portal setting Users with access to Manage Crews Access to all Crews.
Portal Setting Location: Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Grid Timecard
Other users can see only those crews that they have created or that have been assigned to them on the Data Security page.

  1. Select Field Tools > Manage Crews.
  2. Select a PRCo and PRGroup for the crew.
    When editing crews, these filters determine the crews that are available from the Crews drop-down.
  3. To add a crew, select Add Crew:
    1. Enter a name and description for the crew, and click Add.
    2. To add employees to the crew, enter an employee's name (or portion of the name) in the search box, and select Add Employee.
      Note: In order to add employees, those employees must exist in PR Employees in Vista and you must have permission to enter time on their behalf.
  4. To edit an existing crew, select that crew from the Crews drop-down:
    1. Add employees to the crew as needed.
    2. To remove an employee, select Remove on the line for that employee.
    3. To modify a crew name or description, select Rename next to the Crews drop-down.