Review Timecards in Job Approval

The Job Approval page allows those who are assigned to a Job (via JC Jobs or PM Projects) to review, edit, approve or reject timecard lines assigned to their jobs. Service line types also route for approval through Job Approval. If there is a reviewer on the SM Work Order, time is routed to that reviewer. If not, time is routed to the reviewer on the SM Service Center.

Note: Job Approval users must have FM Grid Time access on the User Access page in order to see the Job Time Approval page. This consumes a Field Management license if the user is not already assigned to a Field Management module.
  1. If you have items to approve, you will see a flag next to Job Time Approval in Approval > Job Time Approval. Select Job Time Approval to review items.
    Note: Job Approver assignments should be made before time is submitted for approval. If the assignment is made after the time is submitted, the time will need to be un-submitted and then re-submitted to display for the newly assigned Job Approvers.
  2. Select a pay period, payroll group, and approval status to filter for jobs you want to review. Fields and choices include the following:
    • Pay Period Status: Choose between Open or Closed.
    • Pay Period Ending: Choose from a list of PR Groups and dates.
    • Approval Status: Choose All, Approved, or Unapproved.
    Note: You will only have access to Payroll groups that have (a) Job Approval Configured and (b) have submitted job lines for jobs you are assigned to or the work orders you are assigned to as a reviewer (if reviewing service time).
  3. Use the filters at the top to change your view on the grid below. For example, if you want to only see timecard lines entered for a specific user you can use the Employee filter. Or if you only want to see lines for a specific job use the Job filter. A Crew filter is available to Job Approvers with access to crews if the Grid Timecard setting Enable Copy by Crew has been selected.
    Note: If users are clocking in or out through Time Worked, you will be able to see start and stop times when the grid is filtered to a specific employee. Time clock entries with a photo attached display as blue hyperlinks.
  4. To see the hours and earncodes for an Employee in this pay period, select the plus button in front of the employee name.

  5. Make the necessary changes. Fields that are grayed out cannot be edited.
  6. To delete zero (0) hour timecard lines, select Delete on the line showing zero hours:
    • For multi-day timecard lines that show some days with hours and some days with zero hours, only the days with zero hours are deleted.
    • Approvers can also change days with hours to zero hours and then delete the zero hour lines as needed.
    Note: To allow Approvers to delete timecard lines with zero hours, use the advanced portal setting User Group for Job Approvers that are able to Delete Timecard Lines (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Advanced Configuration).
  7. When you are finished making changes, select Save.
    Note: If you change the job entered on the card to another job that you are not assigned to, the line will be removed from your Job Approval page and will move to the Job Approval page of whomever is assigned to that job.
  8. If you need to split a line, scroll to the far right of line and select Duplicate. This will duplicate the line allowing you to modify both lines. Select Save after you have finished making your changes.
  9. When you reject a line, it will unsubmit the timecard (and all lines on that card) for that user. This is to allow them to make changes and re-submit. When rejecting you will need to select a rejection reason and add a rejection note to help the employee or the user who entered the card make the necessary changes. Both the note and the Rejection Reason will appear in the rejection email that gets sent out approximately 15 minutes after you select Finalize.
    • Before you select Finalize and Confirm you can un-do your changes by selecting Undo.
    • To mark all lines with the same Rejection Reason and Note, select Actions > Reject All.
  10. To approve a line you can select the green check to the left of the line. If you want to approve all lines that have not been marked, select Actions > Approve All.
  11. If you would like a PDF of the lines before you Finalize select Actions > View as PDF.
  12. When you are finished making your adjustments, select Finalize. After this action, all lines that were approved or rejected will be removed from the Job Approval page.

    All changes made in Job Approval will update all associated timecards in the portal and the PR Timecard Entry batch in Vista.

    Details on who approved the job lines can be found in the printout of the submitted timecard.