Time Clock Dashboard Fields

The following table provides descriptions for the fields shown on the Time Clock Dashboard.

Timecard Admins can access this page by selecting Employee Tools > Time Clock Dashboard. Select a line on the dashboard to expand that line and view clock-in and clock-out details. See Time Clock Dashboard for additional information.

Field Description
Company and Pay Period Shows the list of companies and pay periods available to the Timecard Admin based on permissions assigned in Admin Roles (Admin > Admin Roles). The list of pay periods is dependent on the selected company.
Search Use to search for clock entries by ChargeTo, Employee, or EmployeeName based on the selected company and pay period.
Quick Filter Allows you to filter the grid by Clocked In or Clocked Out users, or to show All Users for the selected company and pay period.
Employee and Name Shows the employee number and name for employees who have clock entries for the selected company and pay period.
Clock Status Shows the employee's current clock status as either or .
Clock- in / clock-out details Select anywhere on a line on the Time Clock Dashboard line to expand that line and view clock-in and clock-out details, including the date of the clock activity, start and stop times, total hours, and job.
Note: Stop times and total hours display only if the employee has clocked out.
Location icon Opens the View Locations pop-up window to show clock-in / clock-out locations if GPS coordinates are associated with the start or stop times on a time clock sequence.
Note: The map that shows the pinned start and stop locations displays only if you have a Google Map API set up. See Create a Google Map API Key for details.
Edit Time Clock Row icon Opens the Edit Time Clock Row pop-up window where you can modify the job, phase, start and stop times, and break hours for the clock entry, or add notes. For SM, you can also modify the SM Work Order, Scope, and Pay Type.
Paperclip icon Opens the View Attachments pop-up window where you can view and download attachments related to the time clock, including photos captured in the Offline Time Clock Kiosk (if applicable), or added to PR Employee Daily Time.