Configure Timecard Approval

Approval in the portal does not prevent time from going into Vista. As soon as time is saved it is in Vista’s PR Timecard Entry. Approval in the portal is an opportunity for another user to edit the Timecard before it gets processed. You do not have to set up approvals if you do not want to.

There are two types of approval – Manager Approval and Job Approval. Both will be submitted to Approvers once the user has submitted time. Job Approval and Manager Approval are not conditional approvals, meaning one approval does not prompt the other. However, if one unsubmits a Timecard it will remove the approval from both.

  • Manager approval allows Managers to review, approve, reject and/or unsubmit timecards from those they are assigned to.
  • Job approval allows Project Managers to review, approve, reject and/or unsubmit time submitted to the jobs they are assigned to in Vista.