Configure Job Approval

The Job Approval feature allows users assigned to a job to review and modify timecard lines for their jobs before those jobs are processed in Vista. Service line types also route for approval through Job Approval. If there is a reviewer on the SM Work Order, time is routed to that reviewer. If not, time is routed to the reviewer on the SM Service Center.

Note: Job Approval users must have FM Grid Time access on the User Access page in order to see the Job Time Approval page. This consumes a Field Management license if the user is not already assigned to a Field Management module.
  1. In order for Job Approval to work, the Grid Timecard Layout must be configured. See Grid Timecard Layouts for full details on this page. If there are fields you do not want to see in Job Approval, you can hide them on the Grid Timecard Settings page. Complete this configuration for each Payroll Group that will be approved in Job Approval.
  2. Select Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Settings, and select the Payroll Company and Payroll group to enable for Job Approval. See Grid Timecard Settings for more details.
    • Select Job Approval Enabled to allow Job time entered on employees in this payroll group to be sent for Job Approval.
    • In the Job Time Approval Visibility column, you can determine which fields are Editable, Read Only, or Hidden for the Job Approver.
      Note: If you want users to be able to duplicate or split lines, the Hours field must be editable. (Duplicate is enabled with portal setting Enable the Duplicate Button).
    • The approval grid on the Job Approval page is similar to the grid timecard. If your timecards have many fields, you may want to freeze one or two columns so Job Approvers can scroll more easily. To do this, enter the number of columns you wish to freeze in the Frozen Columns (Job Approval) field.
  3. Job Approvers are assigned to the job in Vista JC Jobs or PM Projects in the Reviewer Groups Section of the Info tab. In the Reviewer Groups section, there is a field for the Invoice reviewer group and another for the Timesheet reviewer group.
    • If the Invoice Reviewer Group is assigned but the Timesheet reviewer group is not, the portal will use the Invoice Reviewer group as the Job Approvers assigned.
    • If Timesheet Reviewer Group and Invoice Reviewer Group are both assigned, the portal will use the Timesheet Reviewer Group only.
      Note: If you are not familiar with HQ Reviewer Groups, see Set Up a Reviewer in Vista.
    Note: Job Approver assignments should be made before time is submitted for approval. If the assignment is made after the time is submitted, the time will need to be un-submitted and then re-submitted to display for the newly assigned Job Approvers.
  4. Service time reviewers are assigned on the SM Work Order in Vista. If a reviewer is not assigned on the work order, time is routed to the reviewer on the SM Service Center in Vista.
  5. Job Approval also supports the Reviewer’s tab in JC Jobs or PM Projects. This will be additive to the Reviewer Groups assigned on the Info Tab. If you do not wish to include these reviewers, enable portal setting Ignore Reviewers on JC Job / PM Projects Reviewers tab.
  6. For all settings specific to Job Approval, select Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Job Approval. Be sure to review each setting by selecting the setting name before enabling / configuring each setting.
    Note: To allow Approvers to delete timecard lines with zero hours, use the advanced portal setting User Group for Job Approvers that are able to Delete Timecard Lines (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Advanced Configuration).
  7. For email settings specific to the Timecard Manager and Job Approvers go to Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > Timecard Settings.
    • To enable a daily email to Manager or Job Approvers letting them know that there are timecards to approve Enable Approval Reminder emails to managers.
    • If you would like managers who are approving to be notified every time a user submits a timecard, select the check box for Enable Active Notification on Submitted Timecards to Approvers. If you have users who are approving large groups of employees from a Grid Timecard, you may not want to enable this setting.
    • If you are allowing users to enter time for future pay periods, you may want to enable portal setting Filter out unapproved timecard emails if the “Begin Date” of the Pay Period is in the future so that managers are only notified for current and past pay periods.
    After a timecard is saved in the portal it is entered in Vista. Those approving time in Job Approval can edit or reject time to have it modified before time is processed. After time is processed in Vista, it is no longer editable in the portal.