Job Assignments for Job Approval

Follow the directions below to enable and set up this approval role. By default, Job Time Approval will limit only by job.

If you want to limit Job Time Approval permissions by users as well as jobs, you will want to use the Can Approve Job Time for role in Approval Permissions. This configuration allows you to further filter approval permissions if desired, and is not required to use Job Time Approval.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Timecard > Job Approval and enable Require Job Approval Employee Security via Role Assignment.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Portal Settings > Portal Info and select Refresh Synonyms. This will enable the Can Approve Job Time for role to appear in the Approval Permissions page.
  3. Navigate to Admin > Employee Groups and create the groups you will want/need for your approvers and who they will be approving time for. If you are not familiar with Employee Groups, please refer to the article Create Employee Groups.
  4. Navigate to Admin > Approval Permissions and use the employee groups you just created to assign Can Approve Job Time For permissions. If you are not familiar with Approval Permissions, please refer to the article Approval Permissions Fields.
    That's it! Your Job Time Approvers will now only see job time for those employees they have been assigned permission to. Keep in mind they will still only be able to see time for the jobs that they are configured as a reviewer for in Vista.