Create a Grid Timecard with Job and Phase as a Column

This article shows the steps necessary to configure a grid timecard that displays the job and phase as a column.

Note: The clone option is not supported for Job Phase Combined.
  1. Navigate to Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Layouts.
  2. Move the fields to match the layout shown in the image below.
  3. Navigate to Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Templates.
  4. Set up a template for each day of the pay period and ensure the Can Edit checkbox is selected on each template. This checkbox allows user to change the job and phase on the fly.
  5. The set up is complete.
  6. Users can change the job and phase while entering the grid timecard by selecting Actions > Modify Columns.
    Note: If you would like to hide the job description or the phase description (showing only the Job or phase number) to help simplify your user's grid, enable either of the following settings found in Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Grid Timecard.
    • Hide the job description when using Job/Phase Combined
    • Hide the phase description when using Job/Phase Combined.