Grid Timecard Layouts

The Grid Timecard Layouts page defines which fields will appear on your Grid Timecard and where.

  1. Select Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Grid Timecard Layouts.
  2. Select the Payroll Company and Payroll group you would like to create a Grid Timecard for. If you are configuring Timecards for multiple Payroll Groups you will need to do this configuration for each Payroll Group.
  3. On the left side of the page are the fields available in Vista's PR Timecard Entry you can to move into your card. To add fields, drag them from the fields section to the appropriate section:
    • For fields you would like to appear as columns, drag and drop them in the “Column Groups” section. Fields in the Column Group section will only show the options defined in the Timecard Template (Example: if PostDate is in Column Groups I will be able to assign which post dates are available in my Timecard Template).
    • For fields you would like to be modified on each line (Job, Phase, Earn Code) move them into the “Row Groups” section.
      Note: Employee must always be the first of the row groups.
    • For fields that users will be entering values (hours or usage units) move them into the “Values” section. These fields will be entered in each of the Column Groups.
    • If your users are entering SM Time and/or Mechanic time you will need to include “Type” as a row group. For more detail see Configure Mechanic Fields on a Grid Timecard and Configure Service Fields on a Grid Timecard.
  4. After you have entered all the appropriate fields select Save Layout.
    • Column Groups = Date Worked
    • Row Groups = Employee, Job, Phase, Earn Code
    • Values = Hours
    After you have configured your Layout, you will need to configure your Template (see Grid Timecard Templates).