Grid Timecard Templates

The Grid Timecard Templates page allows you to define which values from the fields in the “Column Groups” assigned on the Grid Timecard Layout will appear on your card.

If you skip this configuration step your Grid Card will not be able to load. Only a Timecard Admin with access to the Grid Timecard will be able to complete these steps.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Grid Timecard Templates.
  2. Select the Layout for the Company and payroll group you would like to create a template for. If this is the first time you have created a template for the PR Group “Create New Template” will default in the Templates field and you will be able to enter the name of your template.
    Note: You will be defining the values of the Column Groups within each template and users will be able to submit time for approval per Template. If you want to create a timecard for the whole week (assuming your pay period is weekly), then call your group “Weekly”. If you want users to submit time Daily name your first template something like “01-Monday” and only enter one pay period day per template. The template dropdown on the Grid Timecard will be alpha numerical order.
  3. The Active button determines if users (with permission to Grid Timecards) will be able to see this template.
  4. In Grid Timecards, the users entered and the data entered are not inherently shared (meaning other users with access to the same template will only be able to see what they have entered, and not what another user has entered). If you enable Shared Template (which can only be modified during creation of a template) users will be able to see each other’s entries on the same template as long as they have entering privileges for the same user either by Approval permissions (Manager or Job) or if assigned “Can Enter Timecard(s) For” permission on the Approval Permissions Fields page. For more information see Shared Templates.
  5. Select Save New Template to assign the values to the Column Group fields.
  6. Each column Group will appear by it’s name. Select it and then add each value you would like shown on this template to your timecard. (Example: If I am creating a Daily Grid Timecard I will add only “Pay Period Day #1” to my first template). If a value is not selected your Grid Timecard will not populate.
    Note: NOT COMMON: If you enable “Editable Data” users with access to the Grid Timecard will be able to modify the column group values in their timecard. This will create an individual template. Other users who have access to the global template will not see the changes made in the individual template.
    After you have configured your Grid Template you can review the Grid Timecard Settings page for additional modifications.