Manage Training Configuration

The Manage Training page allows Training Admins to be able to see, edit, and add Training and Skills to users.

Training /Skill Editors have access to this page to see or edit existing Skills and Training for those they are assigned to. This article walks you through the configuration of this feature and the options available.
  1. Select Admin > Admin Roles and assign your Training Admin. This user will have access to the Manage Training Page, where they can see and edit existing Training and Skills, as well as add new ones.
    • The Company assignment on the Admin Roles page will limit the Employees the Training Admin will see on the Manage Training Page.
  2. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Training > General Configuration, and review and update the following portal settings:
    • For setting HR Companies to include for Training Module enter the HR Companies associated with the employees who will be using this feature.
      • If you need to include multiple HR Companies, put a comma between each HR Company (no spaces).
    • Enable Employee Skills and Training Course Viewing allows users to be able to see their existing Training and Skill Codes on the Training History page Employee Tools > Self-Service.
    • Because HR Resource Training records in Vista do not have an Expiration date by default, if you have created one or would like to add one in Vista, include that field name in the setting UD Field name to pull Expiration Date for Training Classes from HR Resource Training.
    • In the list below are other optional settings for Training you may want to review:
      • Default Checkboxes for Show Only Most Recent Class Per Code to Checked.
      • Show Class Description in the training history page.
      • Training / Skill Codes to Exclude from Grid Viewing
      • Hide Grade on Training Grid
  3. Select Admin > User Access , filter to Field and begin assigning your Training / Skills Editor.
    Users assigned to this permission will be able to see the Manage Training Page. Who they see and what their permission level on this page is determined on the Approval Permissions page.
  4. Select Admin > Approval Permissions to assign your Training/Skills Editors to either of the following permissions:
    • Can View Training / Skill History For allows Editors to see all Training and Skills on file for the user groups they are assigned to.
    • Can View & Edit Training / Skill History For allows Editors to be able modify and add training and skills for the user groups they are assigned to.
    Note: For more information on the Approval Permissions page and how to make these assignments see Approval Permissions Fields.