Employee Groups Fields

The following table provides descriptions for the fields shown on the Manage Employee Groups page.

For help managing employee groups, see Create Employee Groups.

Field Description
Add / Exclude By Condition Allows you to include or exclude members by Group Type.
  • Employees are added or removed from these groups nightly based on set conditions.
  • The Add / Exclude by Condition section may be used in combination with the Add/Exclude Specific Employees section.
PR Company Allows you to select from the list of PR companies that are enabled for your portal.
Group Type Shows the Group Type options that may be selected: PRGroup, Earn Code, PR Department, and Craft / Class. The Group Value dropdown corresponds to the selected Group Value.
Group Value Lists the values that correspond to the selected Group Type. For example, if you select Earn Code as the Group Type, the Group Value field shows all avaialble earn codes in the current PR company.
Is Included / Is Excluded Allows you to select whether to include or exclude employees who meet the criteria for the PR Company, Group Type, and Group Value.
Add / Exclude Specific Employees Allows you to add employees who do not meet established group membership conditions or to exclude employees who meet membership conditions.

Note: The Add/Exclude Specific Employees section may be used in combination with Add / Exclude by Condition but not with SQL Choices Override.
Employee Enter or search for the employee to include or exclude from group membership conditions.
Is Included / Is Excluded Select whether to add or exclude the employee.
View Membership Select to view current employee group membership and verify that the group includes or excludes the appropriate names.
SQL Choices Override Allows you to create custom employee groups based on an SQL query.

Note: This section is meant for advanced users only. SQL groups operate on their own and do not affect group membership set by conditions. Viewpoint Views are not supported.

  • Format the query to complete the following insert statement: UserGroupMemberPersist (UserGroupID, PRCo, Employee, EmployeeName)
  • For example, to show all inactive employees in PR Company 3, you can write the following query:
    SELECT 2, PRCo, Employee, FirstName + ' ' + LastName
    from Viewpoint.dbo.bPREH
    where PRCo = 3 and ActiveYN = 'N'
rename Allows you to rename a group. This renames the group on all pages where it has been assigned in the portal.
Clear Group Allows you to remove all conditions, SQL, and Employees from a group.
Delete Group Allows you to remove an employee group from the portal.