Review Login Data

On the Login Auditing page, System Admins and Security Admins can find a list of users who are currently logged in, a record of failed login attempts, and login data for specific employees.

  1. Select Admin > Login Auditing.
  2. In PRCo, select the specific payroll company whose login events you want to view.
  3. Select the Currently Logged In Users section to view the list of users currently logged in, login date and time, login method, and the IP address.
    Use the Search box to filter this section by employee name.
  4. Select the Failed User Login Attempts section to view login attempts for employees in the selected PR company.
    You can view and sort by User Name, Employee number, Windows Login, Login Method, the time that the event occurred, or the IP Address.
    Note: This area shows only failed login attempts, not locked-out users. To view locked-out users, select Admin > User Access, and then filter by locked-out employees. See User Access Fields for more details.
    • Use the Search box to search for content by any of the fields shown.
    • Use the From and To date fields to narrow your search to a particular date range.
    • Select a column header to sort by that column.
  5. Select the Search Events By Employee section to view the last 10 successful logins for a selected employee.
    • Employee names are based on the selected PR company.
    • You can view the login date, the date and time that the session expired, login method, the IP Address for the login, and any active sessions.