View Emails and SMS Messages Sent from the Portal

System Admins and Security Admins can use the Mail Log to view all emails and SMS messages sent from your portal, to send all pending emails, or to send a test email.

  1. Select Admin > Mail Log.
  2. Use the Date Added From and Date Added To fields to select a date range for your search.
    Note: Search results include a maximum of 1,000 of the most recent emails and messages based on the specified date range.
  3. In Process Source, select a module or feature and the type of email that was sent.
  4. Choose a message status: All, Failure, Pending, or Sent.
    The grid refreshes based on your selections.
  5. Use the Search box to search for a message based on a word or phrase that you enter. After you enter terms, select the Search button.
  6. To send all emails that are currently pending, select the Action button, and then select Run Now.
  7. To send a test email to an address that you specify, select Action, Send Test Email.