Modify Login Page Options

Change settings that affect sign-in options and login security for your portal.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login.
  2. Select Log In Page.
  3. Locate each of the following settings and determine if you want to make changes:
    Custom welcome message text on Log In Screen
    Allows you to add rich text to your Login page. This text displays between your logo and the login fields. Select Edit Text and make your changes.
    Default log in company:
    If you have enabled multiple companies in your portal, you can use this setting to change the default company that displays in the company dropdown on the Login page. By default, this dropdown shows the company with the lowest company number.
    • If you have only one company in your portal, the company dropdown does not display.
    • If you are using Direct Company Logins, you can ignore this setting.
    Disable Enroll and password changing on Log In Page:
    • If you would prefer to have a System and/or Security Admin manage the passwords for your users, or if you are not using the standard portal login for any of your users (SSO, Windows Auth, or SQL Auth), enable this setting.
    • If you enable this setting, the Enroll and Reset Password buttons do not display on the Login page and users are not able to change their passwords from the navigation bar.
    Enable field mode log in
    This setting is designed for field users who may be sharing devices.
    • If this setting is enabled, users can select a Field Mode button on the Login page to hide all personal modules, such as Earnings and Benefits, from their portal.
    • If your users have a combination of HR Management and Field Management settings enabled, you may want to enable this setting. If your users only use your portal for HR Management features, such as Earnings, you do not need to enable this setting.
    List of companies to show in the log in dropdown
    Allows you to limit the list of PR companies that display in the company dropdown on your Login page. For example, you might use this setting if you need to enable a PR company but you do not want users from that PR Company to log in to your portal.
    • Separate multiple companies with a semicolon (;) and no spaces. For example, 1;154;160.
    • Companies such as AP companies or Job Cost companies available in dropdowns are assigned per module.
    • If you leave this setting blank, all PR companies enabled in the portal display in the company dropdown.
    Log In page helping text
    This text displays on the password change request page. You can use this field to enter contact information for the person in your organization who can assist users having trouble resetting their password. For example, If you are unable to reset your password, contact John at
    Security PIN message when setting up new user (include trailing ":")
    Allows you to modify the text that displays on the login, enrollment, and password reset pages in the field requesting the user's security PIN. This text defaults to Security PIN.
    Text override for the password reset link on login page
    Allows you to modify the text that displays on your Login page for the reset password link. This text defaults to Need login help?
    Welcome message shown on Home Page after logging in
    Allows you to modify the welcome message on your Login page.
    • Select Edit Text and make your changes.
    • To include the employee name in this text (for example, Welcome to the Portal, John Doe!), type [firstname] [lastname] where you would like the name to show in the message. For example, Welcome to the Portal, [firstname] [lastname]!