What's New in Field Management Mobile 2022 R11

What's New lists the enhancements and changes made in the 22.11 Field Management Mobile release. This release is available as of 11/17/2022. The Field Management mobile app is available to download 24 to 48 hours following the release date.

Release Cadence Reminder for Web and Mobile

As a reminder, the web portal applications HR Management for Vista, Field Management, Financial Controls, and Vista Field Service are now released every other month instead of on a monthly basis. Look for the next release of the web portal applications in December 2022.

Field Management Mobile Highlights

This release includes the following enhancements. No customer-reported defect corrections were made in this release.

  • New! Admin Settings in the Offline Time Clock Kiosk: FM Kiosk Admins can now select Admin Settings specific to the Offline Time Clock Kiosk. From the Time Clock page in the Offline Kiosk, select the gear icon , and log in with your FM Kiosk Admin credentials. Then select the new Admin Menu button.

    • This release of Admin Settings includes the ability to select a default job and phase for time entered in the Offline Kiosk. When employees clock in to the Offline Kiosk, the default job and phase will prefill step 2 (Job Selection) and step 3 (Phase Selection) of the setup assistant.

    • More Admin Settings will be added in future releases.

    See Configure Admin Settings in the Offline Time Clock Kiosk for details.

  • New! Select a default line type for the Offline Time Clock Kiosk: When clocking in to the Offline Kiosk, employees will now see Line Type Selection as step 1 in the setup assistant. Currently, employees can select the job line type only. More line types will be added in future releases.