Issues Fixed in Field Management 2021 R2

The following issues were fixed in the Field Management R2 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Printing manually attached W-2s for employees who had opted out of W-2 Paperless Delivery Consent. 101176
For companies using direct login URLs, resolved issue submitting support requests. 100756
UD fields were missing for first-time installations of the portal and Vista 2020 R2. 101349

Mobile Application

Issues Fixed Issue #
Resolved general sorting issues. 100037
Time clock entries were not calculating correctly when start and stop times were the same.
Progress entries submitted for multiple jobs at the same time were not posting to Progress Entry in the portal. 100914
Standard timecard lines were generated after submitting time on the mobile application if the advanced portal setting Auto Create Timecard Line on Clock-Out was enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Timecard > Advanced Configuration). 101232
Resolved issue with mobile app crashing during work order search.

Checklists [Legacy]

Issues Fixed Issue #
Two Save buttons were displaying for Checklist Templates. 100796


Issues Fixed Issue #
Saving EM Work Order headers that included shop groups were mismatched to an HQ Company. (Ref. #10755) 100755

Field Tickets

Issues Fixed Issue #
Field Ticket report was not pulling the EarnType value, affecting the Labor Extension column. 100327

Progress Entry

Issues Fixed Issue #
Improved Progress Entry grid tabbing behavior.


Issue Fixed Issue #
Copying time entry lines from one user to another resulted in No Craft and No Class values being entered in the Craft and Class fields if the user did not have a default craft or class setup. This was causing issues when processing payroll in Vista. 101205
In Job Time Approval, resolved issue generating PDFs for timecards with over 80 lines. 101116
Users were able to create/edit multi-user grid timecards without FM Grid Time Permission. 100781
Timecard safety net was not restoring lines to the Grid Timecard. 101574