Issues Fixed in Field Management 2021 R4

The following issues were fixed in the Field Management R4 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
On the User Access page, the Employee Group Filter Type was not listing employees in more than one PR company (Ref. #102958). 102958

Mobile Application

Issues Fixed Issue #
Clock-In button displayed after deleting a Clock-Out entry.
Hidden SM and Mechanic work orders were accessible via search on the Work Order Selection screen.
Clock Entry notes submitted via the mobile app were not displaying in the portal. This issue affected all time entry types.


Issues Fixed Issue #
Screen loading issues were resolved on the Checklist page when a user had no permissions for checklist templates.
The To date filter field on the Checklist page displayed the incorrect date.

Field Tickets

Issues Fixed Issue #
Progress entries were not being saved automatically on submission. 102464
Adding days to a multi-day field ticket resulted in an error. 101776
Usage units field was not showing in the Equipment section of a multi-day field ticket.
The Unsubmit Ticket option was not available when accessing the web portal on a mobile device. 102718


Issues Fixed Issue #
When timecards were approved from the Field Ticket dashboard, the time stamp recorded on the Approval History is 12:00 AM. 102478
When Portal Setting Enabled JCCos for Portal Timecard Entry (semi-colon separated) , under Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > General Configuration was blank, the Progress Entry grid did not show any progress entries. 103127
When Portal Setting Enable in-line start/stop military time and overnight entry, under Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > General Configuration was enabled, users could not save hours when the stop time was the next day. 102453
Error message was generated when saving timecards in the portal following an upgrade to Vista 2021 R1.


Issues Fixed Issue #
Excluded training or skills codes showed in the Category dropdown on the Manage Training page. 102497