Issues Fixed in Field Management 2021 R5

The following issues were fixed in the Field Management R5 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Bulk module assignment on User Access page was disregarding Employee Group filters. 103181
Export License Report was showing Progress Billing licenses as being assigned to unlicensed users. 103545
Financial Controls licenses were activated for inactive employees assigned to an HQ Reviewer Group with an open invoice. 103768
An "invalid column name 'JCFTKeyID'" error displayed when updating to the 2021 R4 portal version or when running Refresh Synonyms in 2021 R4. 103539
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.4+.

Mobile Application

Issues Fixed Issue #
Production graph did not match information in the JC Detail report in Vista. 103366
Employee's crafts and classes were not showing in the mobile app when portal settings allowed employees to enter time for crafts or classes other than the default. 103549
The Delete button was unavailable after canceling Clear & Reset Data. 103959
Scope IDs were displaying twice for SM Work Orders. 103960
An incorrect list of items was displaying after using the Backspace key to remove an entry in the Search field. 103961
Earn codes were not displaying correctly on the employee sign-off screen. 103962


Issues Fixed Issue #
The Item Description on a work order was allowing more than 60 characters, exceeding the field limit in Vista 103269

Field Tickets

Issues Fixed Issue #
Loading field tickets with contract and job numbers that did not match. 103668
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.4+.
For field tickets that contained regular hours and an amount-based earn code, regular hours were doubled on the PDF report. 103221
Approving job time on field tickets with progress entry lines when the following portal setting was enabled: Auto process field ticket if all associated timecards are approved (Admin > Portal Settings > Field Tickets > General Configuration). 103286
Adding lines with the same PR company number in portal setting Default employee number per PRCo for Equipment-Only PR Entry (Admin > Portal Settings > Field Tickets > General Configuration). 102541
Multiple Usage unit columns displaying in the Equipment section on grid timecards when multiple shifts were added to the Grid Timecard Template. 103194

Progress Entry

Issues Fixed Issue #
Loading and submitting progress entries following the update to the 2021 R4 release. 103659
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.4+.
Users were able to select crews that they were not given access to on the Data Security page. 101792

Purchase Orders

Issues Fixed Issue #
Standard PO's created on the PO Dashboard were set as Pending PO's when the portal setting Process Requisitions to create Pending Purchase Orders was enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > General Configuration). 103825
PO Quick Create was not saving the Phase Code to the PO header Notes when the following portal settings were enabled: Process PO Quick Create through PO Pending and Enable Phase entry for PO Quick Create (Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > PO Quick Create). 103178
PO Quick Create required a dollar amount to reserve a PO number when portal setting Quick Create - Require dollar amount was disabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > PO Quick Create). 103322
Ordered By was blank for SM Purchase Orders that started as PO Requisitions. 103599


Issues Fixed Issue #
The kiosk login page was redirecting users to the standard login page after clocking in or out. 102534
The Pay Period drop-down on the Timecard Dashboard was unresponsive. 103309
Time entries for the first day of a new pay period were pushed to the prior period if the prior period timecards were submitted but not processed. 103343
Timecard Admins were not able to see all crews for their assigned PR companies and PR Groups. 103582

Resolved timecard submission error (bspIMPRTB_INSCODE' expects parameter '@SMCo') that was generated when saving timecards in the portal following an upgrade to Vista 2021 R1.

Submission acknowledgment was not required on standard or grid timecards. 103150
Resolved issue with users being able to edit fields on locked timecards during Job Time Approval. 103176
Reminder emails were sent to all approvers instead of just those with employees in the selected batch. 103298
Resolved issue adding UD fields to Grid Timecard Row Group. 103785
Resolved grid timecard lookup errors 103722
The Review and Approve button in Timecard Approval was not displaying when the portal setting Reviewer Groups to exclude from Timecard Approval was enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Timecard > Advanced Configuration). 102463
Group Clock In/Out button was grayed out on the last day of the pay period, and users were required to add start/stop times manually. 102394
Standard timecards SM WO lookup error when SMCo was hidden. 103965

[Legacy] Project Issues

Issues Fixed Issue #
Date Resolved field for a PM Issue continued to display in Vista after it was cleared in Field Management. 103775

[Legacy] Daily Reports

Issues Fixed Issue #
Timeout error when loading Daily Reports. 103611