Issues Fixed in Field Management 2021 R9

The following issues were fixed in the Field Management R9 release.

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Field Management Mobile App

Issues Fixed Issue #
Timecards with only production units that were submitted via the Daily option were not posted if a timecard with employee time and production units had already been submitted for that same date, job, and phase. 105153
If time was submitted for multiple pieces of equipment for the same employee, only the first time entry was showing on the employee's timecard in the portal. 103592
If using search in between selecting employees, not all selected employees were added to the timecard entry page. 105252
Fixed search issue for crafts and classes. 105357
Closed pay periods were showing on the timecard dashboard following a pay period sync.
Improved syncing behavior for employees.

Field Tickets

Issues Fixed Issue #
Autofill weather was updating with the previous date when the field ticket was from a day other than the current date. 105296
On Vista version 2020 R2, the JC Field Ticket Ticket tab was hidden. 105367

Purchase Orders

Issues Fixed Issue #
Changing the Phase on a Pending PO Job type line to a phase with an LS unit of measure did not clear the quantity or unit cost. 105204
Approving POs with multiple lines created duplicate batches that could not be validated in Vista when portal setting Restrict Pending PO Processing to PO Admins was disabled or the final approver for a Pending PO was also a Purchasing Admin user. 104875


Issues Fixed Issue #
Craft / Class were not reset to their default on cloned grid timecards. 105274
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.8+.
Grid Timecard Job type lines did not save the PR Employee's default Equipment to PR Timecard Entry when EMCo, Equipment, or Cost Type were set to Mechanic Type lines only. 104919
Submit timecard reminder email included users whose Grid Timecard Templates were submitted when portal setting Hours from 12:00 AM on the PR End Date to lock the portal batch from further editing was enabled. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > General Configuration. 105234
JC Job Phases with an ampersand in the description had extra text added to the description on the Grid Timecard. 105181
Users with timecards that were cleared/deleted from the Timecard Dashboard were included in the reminder email. 105232