Issues Fixed in Field Management 2022 R6

The following issues were fixed in the Field Management R6 release.

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Issues FixedIssue #
Users were unable to clock in or out in field web kiosk mode. 108256
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.5+.
For legacy customers who had enabled the Cornerstone LMS link, resolved errors associated with accessing the Knowledgebase option from the Employee Tools menu. 108051
Following a forced password change based on the portal setting Maximum number of days between password resets, the password expiration countdown was not resetting, causing users to have to reset their passwords again (password expiration is set in Number of days before password expiration to show warning on home page).

Both settings located under: Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > General Configuration.
Resolved issues with secure LDAP Windows Authentication generating errors when users attempted to log in. As part of this fix, the portal setting Enable Secure LDAP has been modified. Instead of a check box, this setting now requires a numerical entry that equates to a security level:
  • 0 = No Security (if you had not enabled this setting previously, the revised setting defaults to 0)

  • 1 = Secure (if you had enabled this setting previously, the revised setting defaults to 1)

  • 2 = Secure/SSL (must be set)

To enable a secure SSL connection, you must enter 2 in this setting.

Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Security / Login > Windows Authentication.


Issues FixedIssue #
The New Hour Reading field in Update Meters was unable to be edited in the portal when the original value was input in Vista. 107679

Field Management Mobile App

Issues FixedIssue #
When adding phases to a time entry in tablet view, if the job included a phase with a number but not a description, the phase search was not returning results.108257
When reviewing time entries that were submitted in Offline Kiosk Mode, the employee signature page was showing the Complete button instead of the Undo button.108258
Equipment usage was added to Grid Timecards for amount-based entries when the portal setting Earn Codes to accept Amount Based Entry for Expense Input was configured.

Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Expense Entry.

Field Tickets

Issues FixedIssue #
When switching to a different Field Ticket template, the Date header did not display and usage units and hours entered on the first template were not shown on the new template.108104

Purchase Orders

Issues FixedIssue #
The following error message displayed when interfacing a PM Purchase Order in Vista that was approved in the portal: Batch already in use by 3/22 batch #28 - Batch Source: PM I - cannot cancel POHB batch.108057
Companies not listed in portal setting Enabled PO Companies (comma separated) were displayed on the PO Dashboard, and the PO Company was blank in the grid.108139
Users were unable to sort by Material Order Record Type on the PO Dashboard.

Timecard Approval

Issues FixedIssue #
Timecard Approval displayed timecards that had been moved to a different batch. 108134

Crew Timecards

Issues FixedIssue #
The following error message displayed when a timecard line is added on the Grid Timecard with a date within the pay period: Error! Date Worked must be within the pay period.108059
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.5+.
Approved timecard lines that do not match any submitted lines has been renamed to Processed timecard lines that do not match any submitted & approved lines on the Timecard Audit Report.108260
When the applicable line types for Grid Timecard were set to Job & Service (Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Settings > Type > Advanced Settings > Line Types), the entered Earn Code on Grid Timecard service line was overridden with the value in SM Pay Type. 108222


Issues FixedIssue #
The following error message occurred when attempting to submit checklists when the workflow group name was over 50 characters: An error occurred while executing the command definition. See the inner exception for details. --- String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated.108011