Issues Fixed in Field Management 2022 R7

The following issues were fixed in the Field Management R7 release.

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Issues FixedIssue #
Improved error messaging during Refresh Synonyms process.108323
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.6+.
The < and > symbols were allowed in passwords but were not accepted as special characters.108296
Images taken in portrait mode on a mobile device and attached to Expenses, Support Requests, or during Update Info were changed to landscape mode when the attachment was downloaded.

Field Management Mobile App

Issues FixedIssue #
Corrected the following issues related to signing off on time entries in mobile view:
  • For Job time entry, the Signed Off status was still showing on an employee record after that record was copied and modified.
  • After an employee signed off on clock entries, the Clock Entries page showed the incorrect Hours Allocated.
  • For all time entry types except Job time, after an employee signed off on bulk allocated time entries, that employee's name was no longer listed on the Bulk Allocation tab.

Field Tickets

Issues FixedIssue #
When Enable Multi-day on Field Ticket in Grid Timecard Settings was enabled, switching templates caused hours entered and added days to not display on the grid.108342

Job Approval

Issues FixedIssue #
The Pay Period Ending drop-down on the Job Time Approval page would not load.108300
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.6+.
The Job Time Approval Summary PDF (available by selecting Action > View as PDF) was showing timecard lines outside of the selected pay period.
Important: New required parameter for Job Time Approval PDF rdl: As part of the fix for the Job Time Approval Summary PDF, a new required parameter, PRPCKeyID, was added to the Job Time Approval PDF rdl. Please adjust your custom reports to account for this required parameter.

Purchase Orders

Issues FixedIssue #
Purchase orders were not shown in the Purchase Order Review grid when the PMCo and POCo did not match.108202
Changes to the Shipping Info on Pending Purchase Orders were saved when users exited the window by selecting Cancel.
Resolved error when portal setting Override label for the "Description" field in PO Header was blank.

Crew Timecards

Issues FixedIssue #
An error occurred when attempting to use Create From Timeclock option in the Grid Timecard Actions drop-down.
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.6+.
The following error message occurred when PostDate was in Row Groups on the Grid Timecard Layout and users attempted to add a new row with a date in the pay period: Error! Date Worked must be within the pay period. 108339
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.6+.
A loading error occurred on Standard and Grid Timecards when adding or deleting a custom UD field on the Vista PR Pay Period Control form.108206
The following error message displayed when exporting submitted timecards (PDF and ZIP): Please wait while the document is processing. 108432
Group Clock In/Out on the Grid Timecard was one day ahead of the pay period beginning and ending date, allowing users to clock in/out the day before the pay period began and not allowing users to clock in/out on the pay period ending date. 108245
Bulk Add Job Lookup was returning different results from adding a new line in the grid when Grid Timecard setting Editable Large Data Set was set to Editable.108433
Resolved issue with standard Vista Field Ticket lookup.