What's New in Field Management Mobile 2022 R9

What's New lists the enhancements and changes made in the 22.9 Field Management Mobile release. This release is available as of 9/15/2022. Android users can download the Field Management Mobile app the same day as its release. For iOS users, the mobile app can take 24 to 48 hours following the release date to become available in the App Store.

Important: Reminder about release cadence for web and mobile

As a reminder, this 2022 R9 release includes enhancements and fixes for Field Management Mobile only, which is released on a monthly basis. The web portal applications HR Management for Vista, Field Management, Financial Controls, and Vista Field Service are now released every other month. Look for the next release of the web portal applications in October 2022.

Field Management Mobile Highlights

The following changes were made in this release. For a list of defect corrections, see the Issues Fixed page.

  • Updated look and feel for the mobile app: As part of our continued shift to Trimble Viewpoint branding, you will notice changes to some of the colors used on the main menu of the mobile application and on the employee sign-off page.

  • Change in behavior for the portal setting Cost Type for Production Update:

    • If the portal setting Cost Type for Production Update is left blank, the Units field on the Production Allocation page in the mobile application will now be grayed out, preventing users from entering production units via the mobile app. Note that if a system admin disables Cost Type for Production Update after a user enters production units on the mobile app but prior to the time entries being submitted, those production units will not be saved to the portal when submitted via the mobile app.

    Note: As a best practice, users should sync portal settings (from the mobile app menu, select Refresh Data > Sync Portal Settings) prior to entering time to ensure that their mobile app functionality reflects the latest portal setting updates.

For help setting up and using the mobile app, see the Field Management Mobile App section in Help.