What's New in Field Management Mobile 2023 R5

What's New lists the enhancements and changes made in the 23.5 Field Management Mobile release. This release is available as of 5/10/2023. The Field Management mobile app is available to download 24 to 48 hours following the release date.

Field Management Mobile Highlights

The following enhancements and customer suggestions were added in this release.

Submit Time
  • Timecards submitted via the mobile app now remain available in the app for 30 days after they are submitted.

  • After an employee's time has been submitted, the following message will display when viewing line details for that employee:

    The signed-off employee can't be edited.

    This message displays even if signatures are not required to submit time.

Inactive phases are now removed following the next sync
  • Phases set as inactive in Vista are now removed from the Phases page in Field Management Mobile following the next phase sync in the mobile app. If a user had logged time against a phase before it was set as inactive, those hours will remain on the user's timecard so that they can be submitted.

Coming Soon: Field Tickets for Mobile

Field Management Mobile users will soon be able to create field tickets using features and functionality built into the mobile application. The initial release of field tickets for mobile will include a general information tab, which will allow users to enter basic project information, such as project notes. More features will be added in subsequent releases.

Issues Fixed

To see the issues fixed in this release, go to the Track Cases/Issues page on the Viewpoint Customer Portal (https://support.viewpoint.com/s/). Apply filters to narrow your search, or enter a unique issue number.