Convert a Temporary Employee to Permanent

After Field Time Console syncs with the back office system, you can convert a temporary employee to a permanent employee.

During the conversion, the system merges the temporary account with the permanent account.
  1. Select the Administration tab.
  2. Under Administrative Functions in the left pane, click Resource Setup.
  3. Click Refresh .
  4. To ensure you have the latest information from the back office accounting system, select the Synchronize from Backoffice check box, and click Refresh .
  5. Select the temporary employee's name in the grid, right-click, and choose Convert to permanent resource.
  6. In Resource Description Like, enter the employee's name or portion of the name, and click Refresh .
  7. Select the employee's name, and click Save to merge the temporary and permanent accounts.
  8. A message displays asking you to confirm that you want to convert the temporary employee to the permanent employee's account. If the information shown is correct, click Yes in this message.
The two accounts are merged, and the temporary account is removed from the system.