Upload Records to Back Office

Transfer time and equipment records from Field Time Console to your back office accounting system.

You must have permission to upload distributions (Administration > System Management > Security Roles), and Field Time Console must be integrated with your back office system (Administration > System Modules > Module 10).
  1. Select the Upload tab.
  2. Click Refresh to load data into the grid.
  3. In the Search area, select criteria for the data to upload to the back office.
  4. Click Refresh to reload the grid based on your search criteria.
  5. To view detailed distributions for employees or equipment, select a line item in the upper grid.
    Details for that line display in the lower grid.
  6. To upload all distributions for an employee or piece of equipment, select the Upload check box in the upper grid.
  7. To choose the distributions to upload, select the Upload check box for those particular records in the lower grid.
  8. When you are finished making selections, click Upload in the toolbar.
If you receive a message saying that there were no records to process, verify that you selected the Upload check box for the applicable records in the upper or lower grid. Then upload again.