What's New in Field Time Console 3.8.180

Viewpoint Field Time Console 3.8.180 includes an enhancement for uploading transactions, new administration options, and restructured Field Time Help.

Save Time Reactivating Jobs, Companies, and Phases

Administrators can save time by allowing Vista to control activation and deactivation of jobs and phases. The Vista sync reactivates phases and jobs in Field Time Console even if they were previously deactivated. To use this feature, set the new Enterprise Framework parameter AutoReactivateCoJobPhases to Yes. With each subsequent sync, active jobs, companies, and phases passed from your accounting system are activated or reactivated in Field Time Console.

Hide Blank Timesheets on the Upload Tab

Hide blank timesheets during payroll review for less clutter and an easier review process. On the Upload tab, set the new Include Empties? search option to No to prevent empty timesheet records from showing in the grid.

Restructured Help System

Field Time Help has been restructured to provide enhanced navigation, more step-by-step instructions, and new content, including detailed topics on collecting and approving time in Field Time Console, Enterprise Framework administration, Field Time Console administration, idClock, and Web Collect.