Edit Time

Change time entries that have not yet been allocated.

You must have the appropriate permission in order to perform this task.
  1. Select the Manage Time tab.
  2. Select a Resource Group. This is the group of employees whose time entries you want to change.
  3. Select the pay Period.
  4. Click Refresh to load the latest time entry records for the selected criteria.
  5. Select the employee whose time you want to edit. Details for the time entry display in the lower grid.
  6. Click a field in the lower grid to edit the information shown. For example, click the Entry Code field, and select a different code from the list.
  7. Press [Tab] to advance through a grid row.
  8. To edit hours, click a date field, and enter the correct hours worked for that day.
  9. Click Save .
The total hours worked for the week displays in the Other field.