Refresh Data

Refresh data to access the latest information stored on the server or from your locally-stored data, depending on the whether you are working online or offline.

Refresh Online or Offline

Field Time Console is designed for online and offline use. When you run the system offline, your entries are stored in a folder on your local machine. The path to your local folder displays at the top of the Preferences tab.

When you click Refresh while working online, server data is merged with your local data, giving you full access to the latest information on the server.

When you click Refresh while working offline, Field Time Console returns the latest information from your local data store. When you save, any changes are held until the next time you work online and your local data can be merged with server data.

The following Field Time Console functions interact only with the server, not the local data store: Administration, Upload, and Reporting tasks; Resource Group Setup; and Validation Data Setup.

Refresh Data Automatically at Startup

You can set Field Time Console to refresh data automatically when you log in. On the Preferences tab, select the check box for Refresh local store on startup. To access Preferences, click , which is available on all tabs except Reporting and Administration.

Refresh Compared to Sync with Back Office

Refreshing data is different from synchronizing with the back office. When Field Time Console syncs with the back office, the latest administrative data is passed from your back office accounting system to Field Time Console.