Review Job Costs Pending Approval

Review job distributions that are pending approval.

  1. Select the Job Approvals tab.
  2. At the top of the screen, select an Entry Code Type (for example, Hours), or select All to view pending jobs for all entry code types.
  3. For Resource Type, choose Employee or Equipment, or select All Types.
  4. Select a Resource Group, or select All Groups
  5. Select a Payroll Group and a pay Period.
  6. Select a Company.
  7. For Job, select a specific job to review, or select All to view pending distributions for all jobs.
    You must select a company in order to select a job.
  8. Choose a job Phase, or leave this field blank.
  9. Click Refresh
A list of job distributions displays in the grid. Approve Job Distributions here or on the Manage Resources tab.