idClock is a Windows-based application that retrieves day-to-day time entries from online and physical time clocks, including ZK, Amano, and Ingersoll Rand.

Through the integration with Field Time server, any time records that idClock retrieves are also accessible in Field Time Console.

Before you can use idClock, the following setup is required:
  1. Install idClock on a network computer that can link to all time clocks. If clocks are not installed on a network, idClock will need to be installed on all computers that are linked to time clocks.
  2. If applicable, install the adapter for any ZK devices on each computer where idClock was installed. The adapter (SDK) allows idClock to communicate with the ZK device.
  3. Configure time clock rules in Enterprise Framework. These rules allow you to set scheduled start and stop times, lunch breaks, and time clock thresholds.
    Note: You must have administrator privileges to access Enterprise Framework.
  4. Connect idClock to the Field Time server and log in.

After you set up idClock, you can use the application to activate time clock devices, set up enrollment groups, and set up polling groups.