Create a Polling Schedule

Set up a polling schedule to have the system collect time clock records at regular intervals or at specific times of day.

In order to use Field Time Scheduler, you must have installed idClock from the Windows Installer, not from the ClickOnce application. In order for scheduled polling to occur, the computer on which idClock was installed must remain on.
  1. Select the Terminals tab.
  2. In the upper left of the screen, select a device to poll.
    Devices must be activated on the Preferences tab in order to display in this list.
  3. To the right of the device field, choose Polling Groups from the drop-down.
    Devices must have a polling or enrollment group assigned to them before you can set a polling schedule.
  4. Click Schedules.
  5. In the upper right of the screen, enter your idClock Login and Password.
    Users must have proper security credentials to set up or delete a polling schedule.
  6. In the Schedules window, click Add.
  7. In the Type field, select Poll.
  8. Select the check boxes for the days of the week to poll the device.
  9. For Run Type, select one of the following options:
    • Interval: Allows you to poll clocks at regular time intervals throughout the day, such as every two hours.
    • Specified Time: Allows you to poll a clock at a particular time of day.
  10. Click Save.