Assign Employees to Enrollment Groups

Employees must be assigned to a time clock's enrollment group in order to punch in or out using that device.

Employees can belong to multiple enrollment groups and to multiple devices in a single group.
  1. Select the Enrollment tab.
  2. Enter all or part of an employee's name, and click Search.
  3. Select the employee's name in the grid.
    If this is a new employee or temporary worker, see Add a New Employee in idClock.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. In Credentials, select the type of device that this employee will access.
  6. In Group, select an enrollment group. This is the group associated with the time clocks that this employee will use.
  7. In Terminal, choose the specific time clock that this employee will use to punch in and out.
    Employees can be assigned to multiple time clocks.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Select Enroll, and click Continue.
  10. Choose Fingerprint or Badge to indicate how the employee will clock in and out.
    1. If you choose Fingerprint, follow the instructions on the screen to set up fingerprint recognition for the employee. After you enroll an employee's fingerprint, the system gives you the option to enroll the employee's badge on the same device.
    2. If you choose Badge, enter the employee's badge number. After you enroll an employee's badge, the system gives you the option to enroll the employee's fingerprint on the same device.
  11. Click Continue.
    idClock syncs with the devices associated with the employee's enrollment group. Time clocks may beep during the sync.
  12. Click Finish.
You can enroll the same employee on a different device, or enroll another employee.