Assign Security Credentials in Field Time Console

Assign or modify security roles to ensure users can access application features that are relevant to their job. You can also assign security roles in Enterprise Framework.

Field Time users must have an account in Enterprise Framework before you can assign a security role to them. You can map security credentials as needed in Field Time Console.
  1. Select the Administration tab in Field Time Console
  2. Under Administrative Functions in the left pane, click Resource Setup.
  3. Click Refresh .
  4. Locate the employee whose permissions you want to update, and select that employee's name.
  5. At the bottom of the screen, click Credentials.
  6. If no Enterprise Framework account has been assigned to this employee's Resource Number, a message displays asking if you want to map the resource to the Enterprise Framework user account:
    1. To map the user's Field Time Console account to an Enterprise Framework account, click Yes in the message.
    2. In the User Account window, search for the Enterprise Framework account that you want to map to the employee.
    3. Click Refresh .
    4. In the grid that displays, select the applicable Enterprise Framework account.
    5. Click Save .
  7. In the Credentials window, select a security Role for this employee. For example, Payroll.
  8. Click Save .