Approve Time Received from Other Tools

Use the Manage Time tab to review and approve time clock punches collected from idClock, Web Collect, and mobile devices.

Approve entries individually, or approve a group’s entries at once. You must have permission to approve payroll or costs to perform this task.
  1. Select the Manage Time tab.
  2. Select a Resource Group. This is the group of employees whose time you want to approve.
  3. Select a Payroll Group.
  4. Select the pay Period.
  5. Click Refresh to load the latest time entry records for the selected criteria.
  6. Select the employee whose time you want to approve.
  7. If the time entries are accurate, select the Cost Approved or Payroll Approved check box in the same grid line as the employee's name.
    These check boxes display based on your system setup.
  8. To approve a group of entries at once, right-click in the grid, and select Cost Approve All Distributions or Payroll Approve All Distributions.
  9. Click Save.