Issues Fixed

The following issues were fixed in the Field Time Console 3.8.200 release.

Feature Issue# Description
Job Approvals 70256 Job Approvals tab takes too long to populate data.
Job Cost Data 71200 eCMS customers are unable to see cost codes on mobile devices.
69142 Phases saved on an iPad show as unassigned in Field Time Console.
Preferences 70222

Field Time Console does not save cleared default settings if those settings were cleared in the midst of entering time.

Reports 65216 Reports do not follow exclusion rules set up for Resources.
65766 For time entries not coded to a job, the Weekly Employee Timesheet - Summary Report does not show distribution detail records, even if a job is not required for time entry.
67924 The Type column on the Weekly Employee Timesheet - Summary report shows no data.
Upgrading 67304 For StarBuilder clients, upgrading to Field Time Console 3.8.155 or 3.8.160 resulted in inaccurate server information being put in the StarBuilder web.config file.
Upload 70184 StarBuilder version 6.4.770 includes a new field (transit_tax_fg) that was not accounted for in the Field Time Console upload.
70664 Inactive phases are uploaded under certain circumstances.
70321 Clicking the Vista by Viewpoint icon on the Upload tab produces an error.