Issues Fixed

The following issues were fixed in the Field Time Console 3.8.300 release.

Field Time Console

Issue# Description
94325 Microsoft update in March 2020 disabled LDAP; recommendation that customers switch to LDAPS to avoid losing connections to Active Directory.
94973 Orphaned time clock punches are causing multiple entries to come through when the orphaned punches are updated, resulting in thousands of hours of entries for individual users.
96102 When members of a specific Pay Group click the Personal Entry tab in Field Time Console, the following error displays: Invalid Argument=Value of '0' is not valid for 'SelectIndex' error message.
97644 Windows updates for workstations (July 14, 2020) causing issues when opening the Reporting tab.
99688 Running LDAP query from Scheduler or Enterprise Framework Settings tab generates the following message: ERROR MESSAGE: 'ADsDSOObject' failed, without more specific details on how to resolve the issue.

Field Time Mobile

Issue# Description
94908 Field Time mobile data coming from Android devices is not being transferred to the server.
95170 On iOS devices, cannot delete users from Resource Groups in mobile grid entry.
95194 Local data stores frequently become corrupt for iOS and Android users.
100258 iOS 14.2 causing issues for applications installed via MDM.