Add a New User in Enterprise Framework

Create accounts for non-Active Directory users. Enterprise Framework loads Active Directory accounts automatically.

For new accounts, include a login name, password, and employee number, and assign each active user a security role. Users must have an assigned security role in order to access Field Time Console or idClock features that are relevant to their job.
  1. Select the Users tab.
  2. Click Add New User.
  3. Enter information for the user:
    • Login Name and Password (required)
    • First Name and Last Name (recommended)
    • Employee No (required to link a user's login to Field Time Console)
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Notes
  4. Select the Active check box to activate this user in the application.
  5. If this user will have Enterprise Administrator rights, select the Enterprise Admin check box.
    Enterprise Administrators have access to:
    • Enterprise Framework (all areas)
    • System Management menu on the Administration tab in Field Time Console
  6. Click Save . The Roles area of the screen displays.
  7. For each product shown, click in the Role field to access the list of security roles for a product.
  8. Select the applicable role from the list.
  9. Click Save .