Verify Upgrade Success

After you upgrade, check the following items to ensure that Field Time is working correctly.

  1. Review the System Info table on the Enterprise Framework and Field Time databases. It should display the new version.
  2. From the Login screen in Field Time Console, verify the version number shown in the lower right corner.
  3. Verify that you can Log in to Field Time Console.
  4. Ensure that labor and equipment cost type values shown under Adaptor Configurations match what was set up in the Web.config file in the prior version:
    1. In version 3.8.190, select Administration > System Management > Adaptor Configurations.
    2. Note the values for EquipmentCostType and LaborCostType.
    3. Open the Web.config file stored in your Backup Directory for the prior version.
    4. Review the values shown for the labor and equipment cost type keys. For example:
      • <add key="LaborCostType" value="1,L"></add>
      • <add key="EquipmentCostType" value="4,E"></add>
    5. If Adaptor Configurations for labor and equipment cost types in version 3.8.190 do not match what was set up in the Web.config file for the prior version, update the Adaptor Configurations as needed.
  5. Open Enterprise Framework, and verify the following URLs for the Field Time and idClock environment configurations (on the Products tab, click Configure for an environment):

    BackofficeWebSvcURL should display as:
    ResourceCommanderRestSvcURL should display as: https://[yourservername].FWC[version_number]/WCFRest/ResourceCommanderData.svc
    ResourceCommanderWebSvcURL should display as: https://[yourservername].FWC[version_number]/WebSvc/ResourceCommanderData.asmx
  6. Generate a sample of standard reports to ensure they run.
  7. Review the What's New page for the release to identify any new or modified forms in Field Time, and grant or modify security as needed.
Note: If you have any issues, please log on to the Viewpoint Customer Portal, and submit a case for Viewpoint Support.