What's New in Field Time Console 3.8.200

What's New is an overview of the new features in Viewpoint Field Time Console. This release includes enhancements to password security and reporting. Customer-reported fixes are also included.

End of Support for Viewpoint Field Time

Important: Support for Viewpoint Field Time will end on December 31, 2022.

Although those with perpetual licenses can continue to use the product beyond that date, all upgrades, enhancements, service packs, bug fixes and security updates, as well as product support (email and phone) will cease.

We strongly suggest that you explore your upgrade options as soon as possible to ensure a smooth and timely transition. For more information and assistance, please email the Customer Success team at: customersuccessmanagers@viewpoint.com.

Improved Password Security

Passwords for new users and resets to existing user passwords require a longer and more secure alphanumeric combination for greater protection from data breaches and hackers.

User passwords created in Enterprise Framework or Field Time Console must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 10 characters long
  • Contain at least one uppercase and lowercase letter
  • Include at least one special character and one number
In addition, passwords cannot contain more than two consecutive characters from the user's account name or full name.

New Option in Production by Job and Phase Report

The Exclude Zero Lines field has been added as a parameter to the Production by Job and Phase report. Select this check box if you want the report to exclude phases that do not have any data associated with them.