Field Time and idClock Configurations

Enterprise Framework shows template product configurations for Field Time Console and idClock. These configurations form the basis for each product environment.

You can modify or create new environments as needed to customize how Field Time Console and idClock process and transfer information.

To access product configurations and environments, click the Products tab. A list of your organization's products displays.

Click the Configure button to view current settings for a product's configurations, environments, or roles. Server-side configurations cannot be changed. However, you can customize environments and roles as needed.

Configuration Options
Configurations View the template for server-side product configurations. These configurations serve as a foundation for each product environment. You can view but not modify configuration template settings.
Environments Review, customize, or create environments for Field Time Console or idClock. Each environment can have its own unique configurations and its own set of users.
Roles Access security roles for a product, and review or change permissions for each role.