User Accounts

Enterprise Framework loads Active Directory accounts automatically. For non-Active Directory accounts, set up a standard user account.

Active Directory Accounts

Enterprise Framework syncs with the Active Directory so that existing user accounts load into the system automatically. By default, each of these accounts is set as Active and as an AD Account in Enterprise Framework (User Setup screen).

Active Directory accounts do not load with employee numbers or security roles.

  • Employee numbers link a user's login to a resource number in Field Time Console.
  • Security roles determine which areas of Field Time Console and idClock a user can access.

Administrators assign employee numbers and security roles in Enterprise Framework (Users tab).

Non-Active Directory Accounts

Users not set up in the Active Directory need to have an account created for them in Enterprise Framework. Otherwise, they will not be able to log in to Field Time Console.

Set up new user accounts with a Login Name, Password, and Employee Number at a minimum. Include the person's first and last name to simplify searching for user profiles, and assign each active user a security role to ensure that person can access Field Time Console features.