Select Data from Back Office

Use Administrative Functions to select the jobs, payroll information, work orders, and resources that you want to make available to Field Time users.

When Field Time Console syncs with your back office accounting software, information about jobs, payroll, work orders, and resources is pulled into the system. You can make all of this data available to users or choose a subset of data.

To select system data, use the following Administrative Functions:

  • Job Cost Unit Setup: Select job cost companies, jobs, and phases.
  • Payroll Unit Setup: Select payroll companies and departments.
  • Equipment Work Order Setup: Select companies, equipment work orders.
  • Service Work Orders: Select companies, service work orders, and scopes.
  • Resource Setup: Select employees and equipment.
  • Global Resource Groups: Activate company-wide resource groups.

After you make the data available, assign permissions so that users can access the data relevant to their projects.